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1. Assess
It?s time to learn about you! The assessment phase is all about Discovery. The more we can discover about your business and your individual needs, the better we can help custom tailor a solution to tackle those needs.

2. Envision
Working with you to prioritize, we map out a FileMaker solution based upon all the information gathered during the Discovery period. This becomes the blueprint we will use to make sure all of your goals are met.

3. Develop
Here is when we put nose to the grindstone and build, build, build! The development period is often divided into a number of smaller phases to make sure we stay on track. This allows for a more rapid deployment of new features/functions for beta testing.

4. Deploy
Deploying the FileMaker solutions is definitely one of the most exciting parts, but even here our work is not yet over. Needed adjustments will inevitably come to the surface as real usage of the system begins. We care about this feedback and use it to tweak the solution, making it more in line with how you're actually using it.

5. Maintain
Making sure that everything remains smooth sailing is a key part of how we work with our clients. By maintaining regular contact well after deployment, we can help keep your FileMaker solution current with the changing needs of your growing business

Whether you need 15 minutes or 15 months of FileMaker expertise - we're here for you. Call to get started.